RoboUniverse Conference - Agricultural Robotics

04 Feb 2017

Episode #220: Robouniverse Conference - Agricultural Robotics

Interviewees: Matthew Borzage & Dan Harburg

biotac softroboticsinc

In this episode, I interview two speakers from the Agricultural track of the RoboUniverse 2016 conference in San Diego: Dan Harburg of Soft Robotics Inc. and Matthew Borzage of BioTac. Borzage and Harburg discuss their distinct approaches to advancing gripping technology in Agriculture. Borzage stresses the importance of tactile sensing while Harburg pushes for low cost, soft grippers with no on-board sensors.

Dan Harburg

Dan Harburg is the Director of Business Development at Soft Robotics Inc., a venture-backed startup company developing a soft end-of-arm tool for the food industry. Harburg was previously an entrepreneur-in-residence at North Bridge Venture Partners, working with scientists at Harvard, MIT, and the University of Illinois to commercialize technologies at the intersection of materials, medicine, and advanced manufacturing.

Matthew Borzage

Matthew Borzage is a co-founder and the Head of Business Development for SynTouch Inc.. Borzage has a background in biomedical and medical device engineering and sales. As Head of Business Development, Matt is interested in how tactile sensing can be used in robotics and prosthesis.